Now You See It, now You Don’t: The Peek-a-Boo Shimmer in Guerlain’s $72 Terra Ora could Make This face and Body Bronzer worthy of a Splurge

Guerlain Terra Ora Bronzer
What they don’t tell you — and they should! — at the makeup counter the day you pick up that first burnished pan is that bronzer will ruin you for life.

They could post a sign or offer a quick verbal warning, at least. A quick aside before they let you swipe that deliciously sun-kissed powder on your skin, something akin to, “I must warn you now, and this is a federal regulation, from this day forward, you won’t feel quite right unless you’re wearing bronzer.”


Seriously, I can’t even remember the last time I left the house without bronzer.

And what about options?? think of only having one bronzer to choose from…

Banish the thought.


Kissat ja meikkipaita?

42 dollaria

Osta nyt

I want options, options, options! — like the new $72 (GASP!) limited edition Terra Ora face and body bronzer from Guerlain.

As you can probably tell, I’ve got a thang for bronzer, and if you do too, you probably already know about Guerlain’s reputation for producing pricey, well-regarded luxury bronzers.

There’s no getting around it: their stuff costs an arm and a leg. good thing it’s usually great.

Every single Guerlain bronzer I’ve ever tried has melted into my skin like butter on warm popcorn and never, ever looks heavy, muddy or forced.

Guerlain Terra Ora Bronzer from the left: Matte tan beige, pearly white gold and a mix of both shades
Terra Ora follows the lead set by its bronzed Guerlain predecessors. When I swirl its mix of matte tan beige and pearly white gold together and dust that on my face, neck and decollete, I think I definitely do look more like the girl next door than the housemates on the jersey Shore.

Most of all, I love this bronzer’s “secret shimmer.”

You know how some Chanel polishes look like basic creams, but then when you get them in direct sunlight, they sparkle, seemingly out of nowhere? Terra Ora does that, too.

The 0.56-ounce pan of Guerlain Terra Ora Bronzer has a wooden case with gold lettering and a magnetic closure

The effect looks almost like when I apply a highlighter with a very fine sheen on the tops of my cheekbones, and then layer a matte blush on top. The shimmer barely peeks through the matte powder.

I think it’s pretty, subtle and tasteful, especially when seen indoors. It’s a perfect fit for a chic Mediterranean vacation at a ritzy five-star resort.

And the moment I step into full sunlight outside? Ooh! That’s when Terra Ora really lights up, and the golden sheen becomes more pronounced. Yes, it’s glitzy and glam, but not at all like you’re holding up a neon sign that reads, “Hey, people, check me out! I’m extra fancy!”

Best for: Bronzer aficionados looking for a splurge to build upon their current bronzing powder collection. I think Terra Ora’s unusual matte/sheen finish works terrific dusted on cheeks or all over the body, but I probably wouldn’t use it for contouring, on account of the shimmer. Of the two bronzing powders from Guerlain’s new Terra Ora summer collection, this one’s my pick for all-over shimmer.

PRICE: $72 for a 0.56-ounce pan
AVAILABILITY: Coming may to Guerlain counters and also online
Makeup and Beauty Blog Arvostelu: B +

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