The MAC Mia Moretti Collection: This Creamy, summery Collection Spins a laid-back beauty beat

using MAC Amplified Lipstick in Umbrella sky from the Who’s the DJ? Lip combination X 6 in the MAC Mia Moretti collection
With the MAC Mia Moretti collection offered now, you may be wondering, “So, who is a MAC Mia Moretti girl?”

That’s a fantastic question. I’m delighted you asked.


I believe she’s a woman who likes to wear makeup that isn’t as well fussy, as well as by that I mean that I don’t see her grabbing three shades to contour her cheeks (I’m with you, girl). perhaps she’s at a music celebration with daisies in her hair, dancing around — perhaps in a puddle, who knows? as well as she may or may not be using shoes.

She most likely is, however, using tinted moisturizer or BB cream. perhaps a cream blush on her cheeks as well as a bit highlighter. She’s likewise rather potentially a free-spirited woman with a sense of style as well as adventure.

All of these pieces are creams, which I believe are a bit more laid back than powder formulas. There are no powders here.


Kissat ja meikkipaita?

42 dollaria

Osta nyt

I believe the kicker is the crazy combination with the blue, eco-friendly as well as purple, which is not, in spite of appearances, an eye product. It’s really a lip palette. A type of cuckoo crazy lip palette, as well as all of the lipsticks in it have MAC’s Amplified formula, which I usually like, however I’m not a big fan of it here.

I believe that may be because of the super pastel colors. They just aren’t playing well with my lips. They’re settling into my lip lines and, rather frankly, when I wear the blue as well as green, I look like a crazy-pants.

I believe you have to abide by a specific aesthetic to truly rock these (and it’s not me).

Who’s the DJ? Lip combination X 6, $40
Casual Colour in Puttin’ on the Spritz, $22

Casual Colour in P.S. I like You, $22

Cream Colour Base in Desert Roadtrip, $21

Cream Colour Base in summertime Wind, $21
Lustre Lipstick in High Tea, $16
Amplified Lipstick in Umbrella Sky
Amplified Lipstick in vintage Radio
Amplified Lipstick in Desert Sun
Amplified Lipstick in weekend 1
Amplified Lipstick in She’s a Peach
Amplified Lipstick in weekend 2
Amplified Lipstick in High Tea
Amplified Lipstick in Maria Moretti
Who’s the DJ Lip combination X 6 shades from the left: Desert Sun, weekend 1, She’s a Peach, weekend 2, Umbrella sky as well as vintage Radio
Lipsticks in Maria Moretti (left) as well as High Tea (right)
All of the cream Colour bases as well as laid-back Colour cream blushes in the release are great. You can wear the laid-back Colours both on cheeks and/or lips, as well as for cream blushes, they last a truly long time. If you’re interested, I talk about the formula a bit more right here as well as in this video…

Casual Colours in Puttin’ On the Spritz (left) as well as P.S. I like You (right)
Cream Colour Base in Desert Roadtrip (left) as well as summertime Wind (right)

The MAC Mia Moretti collection includes…

Who’s the DJ? Lip combination X 6 ($40), which includes…

Amplified Lipstick in Desert Sun, a creamy nude

Amplified Lipstick in weekend 1, a bubblegum pink

Amplified Lipstick in She’s a Peach, a a bright salmon

Amplified Lipstick in weekend 2, a lilac

Amplified Lipstick in Umbrella Sky, a bright sky blue

Amplified Lipstick in vintage Radio, a seafoam green

Amplified Lipstick in Maria Moretti, a cherry red ($16)

Lustre Lipstick in High Tea, a beige pink with pearl ($16)

Cream Colour Base in Desert Roadtrip, a golden bronze ($21)

Cream Colour Base in summertime Wind, a pale sand shimmer ($21)

Casual Colour in Puttin’ on the Spritz, a bright intense coral ($22)

Casual Colour in P.S. I like You, a carnation pink ($22)

Mia Moretti carry ($50)

Mia Moretti makeup Bags ($46)

The two cream Colour bases are basically cream highlighters (shade additions to the existing line). I like ’em… I believe they’re an simple method to get your glow on without that heavy, in-your-face powder highlighter effect, as well as they don’t settle into my pores.


All told: MAC Mia Moretti. DJs. Viileä. great deals of creams. offered now.

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