Unsung makeup Heroes: NARS Yu Satin Lip Pencil

Me and Yu! wearing minimal makeup and NARS Satin Lip Pencil in Yu ($26)
Hey, Yu!

Yeah, Yu, homie. best there. No, not that dude behind you… I’m talking to Yu.


I have to tell you something and it’s…well, important? and awkward. but you see, this — you and I? Well, basically, I’m absolutely, positively madly in love with Yu.

YES, YU! I’m ride-or-die for life!

OK, enough of that, LOL! Let’s talk about Yu…


Kissat ja meikkipaita?


Osta nyt

Yu. Oh, NARS Yu. It’s another one of my perennial summertime NARS Satin Lip Pencil jams. A bright hot pink lipstick with a satin finish, I love it for numerous of the same reasons I also love NARS Lodhi — the smooth, creamy formula, opaque coverage and 4-5 hour wear time. It’s another example of perfection in a pencil.

And speaking of pencils, spirit fingers and high kicks for practicality, because I can literally get this on my lips in 10 seconds. in some cases less. and thank goodness for that because you never know when your tabby tyrant of an employer will want you to take him for a walk outside.

Yu is one of those versatile dynamic shades that somehow, some way manages to choose everything in my makeup bag — I guess because of the color temp. It doesn’t lean too cool or warm, so even though it’s bright and pink, it’s still sort of neutral. Golds, teals, grays, purples, greens, browns, silvers — all of them go well with Yu. I’ve worn it with looks ranging from full-on smokey eyes, to bare skin and mascara.

BONUS! — it also sits well with whatever gloss I happen to wear with it (but I really like it with NARS easy Lover).

NARS Satin Lip Pencil in Yu
With Yu, though, or many bright lips, I think it helps to do your lips first, and then after that, apply cheek products like bronzer and blush.

Pitkäkäyttöinen Unsung Heroes-sarja täällä meikki- ja charm-blogissa on joitain kaikkien aikojen suosikki pysyviä kokoelma tuotteita.

Take it from someone who learned this lesson the hard way (that would be moi), but a lighter application of blush seems to look much more balanced with Yu, which goes against my natural inclination to put on a lot of blush. (Because I lurves it! It’s seriously one of my favorite parts of putting on makeup.) but it’s simpler for me to gauge how much blush I actually need when I do my lips first.

I hope that makes sense…

And I also hope you fall in love with Yu, because I think Yu two would make a cute couple. It’s $26, and you can find it now online and at NARS counters and Sephora in the permanent collection.


Ystävällinen naapuruston charmin addict,


P.S. pleased hump day!

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