Even though It Doesn’t scream or Shout, the new Clarins Rouge Éclat make-up Collection face palette knows What It’s All About: Soft, almost Bare spring Cheeks

getting cheeky with the new Clarins Rouge Éclat spring make-up Collection face palette ($35)…
Eyewitnesses report seeing double rainbows all the way across the sky at the Clarins counter this spring, as a new line of “so intense” lipsticks in bright, fun shades arrived, much to the delight of color lovers (and guys/gals who like rainbows).

If you haven’t tried the new Rouge Éclat lipsticks yet, hint-hint, swing by your nearest Clarins counter when you can, and try tropical Pink, because in a word (a fake word), ah-MAY-zer-ing!


It and the other opaque, smooth, moisturizing colors in the line do for lips what puppies, kittens and rainbows do for my heart (good things).

And perhaps to offset some of that lipstick intensity, Clarins couples the look this spring with soft, almost bare cheeks, courtesy of the new limited edition $35 Rouge Éclat face & blush Palette.

Isn’t it cute? At first I thought the design on the pan was a hibiscus, but now I think it’s an iris flower, which would make sense, as irises feature either prominently or thematically throughout the spring collection (have you seen the Iris blossom Eye Quarted Mineral Palette?).


Kissat ja meikkipaita?

42 dollaria

Osta nyt

Um…doesn’t the face & blush palette look a lot like a bronzer?

Ooh, gurl! — you know how I am about bronzer!

FAKE ANNOUNCEMENT: meet other like-minded bronzer lovers (feline and human), discuss the pans you’ve hit, and snack on chocolate-chip cookies and lemonade (gravy available) at the MBB Bronzers anonymous Club. meetings every Wednesday night at the Tabs the cat community Center, 6-10 p.m. Cats and human walk-ins welcome.

You can wear the face & blush palette as a blush, bronzer, highlighter or as an all-over face powder, depending on your skin tone and the effect you’re looking for. Clarins gave it a matte finish and designed the semi-sheer, pinkish tan powder for skin tones from light to dark.

For the most part, I wear it as a blush, buffing one or two layers on my cheeks. I particularly love the way it looks on bare skin, but I’ll also wear it atop a small amount of BB cream or tinted moisturizer, where it creates a great, girl-next-door vibe that I like for minimal makeup looks.

I do feel like my cheeks look brighter and more refreshed with it on, but that’s not even my favorite thing about it.

I love the subtle effect, and how the look is soft, but doesn’t fade into the background. This is a face powder that shakes its fist at the sky and says, “Universe, I might not be the brightest or boldest thing in the solar system, but I’m here, dammit, and I’m effing fabulous!”

Try it as a bronzer (doesn’t appear to have heavy orange tones) or blush if you’re a very fair feline, a blush or face powder if you have medium skin tone, and if you’re a darker damsel, see if you can swatch it first, as I suspect it could go a little ashy on darker skin…

If it does, no sweat. wear it as a soft, non-shimmery highlighter, ala the MAC beauty Powders, but with the sheen turned way, way down.

Oh, and the formula melts like butter on hot mashed potatoes…

(Guess who didn’t have enough for lunch.)

Melkein unohdin! — it does have a very strong violet scent. I don’t mind it, but it’s something you might want to sniff before you buy.


Overall, I like what Clarins has done with the Rouge Éclat face & blush Palette. If you’re looking for a cheek color to wear with intense lips or smokey eyes, try Rouge Éclat.

PRICE: $35
AVAILABILITY: available now at Clarins counters, Nordstrom and nordstrom.com
Makeup and Beauty Blog Arvosana: A-

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