Blogmas 2016: The gift of MyStyleInsideOut on MyLipAddiction Podcast!

We weren’t sure if it would be possible to slip one more episode in before the holidays, however by the tenacity of Cat, we were able to bring you this episode just before we take a short break.  Our guest is the remarkable MyStyleInsideOut, aka Rosalyn!

It’s a Christmas miracle!

Have a listen to the podcast while you’re out doing last minute buying or trekking over to household dinner:

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Things we talked about:

Flying to the Philippines to surprise her sister:

Filipino quick food – Jollibee:

I’d checked out that Jollibee was expected to find to Toronto in 2016 however I still haven’t seen it! They have 10 much more days to make it happen!

Filipino makeup brand: ever Bilena

Now I’m curious to try something from the brand.

Beauty Pageants:

I envisioned Rosalyn appeared like the woman in the pink when she was contending in the pageants!

La Prairie Midnight rain Perfume

This is the perfume that Rosalyn’s husband purchased her! Isn’t the bottle beautiful?!  It looks like holographic granite.

And our podcast is likewise educational! Merry Christmas in Filipino / Tagalog:
Maligayang Pasko!

You can discover Rosalyn at the complying with places:
• MyStyleInsideOut Blog
• Instagram
• Viserrys
• Facebook
• Pinterest

Thanks so much for being our guest, Rosalyn! as well as say thanks to you to feline for your editing prowess – exactly how ’bout them bells!

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