The new Four-Piece Essie resort 2014 Collection provides Languid, Beachside high-end for $8.50 a bottle

The new four-piece Essie resort 2014 collection
I’ve been trying to put my finger (Get it? Ba-dum-tss!) on what it is I discover so interesting about the new Essie 2014 resort collection.

I mean, it’s not the symphony of attractive brights resort 2013 was. that a person still makes my heart flutter (The mint green! The turquoise!), as well as yet I’m drawn to 2014 like a sailor to a mermaid’s song.


Yes, wonderful siren, sweep me away…

From the left: resort Fling, Under the Twilight, discover Me an Oasis as well as resort Fling
It’s gotta be something. perhaps it’s a combination of the method the mellow shades — the shimmery beige (It has silver shines swimming in it. SO CUTE!) as well as icy blue both contrast as well as coordinate with the brighter coral as well as deep plum.

The colors tell a tale of hills as well as dales, highs as well as lows, as well as I like that! This resort is certainly not a one-note collection.


Kissat ja meikkipaita?

42 dollaria

Osta nyt

Swatches from the left: mixed drinks & Coconuts, discover Me An Oasis, resort Fling as well as Under the Twilight
Typing away today, reading that word over as well as over once again — resort — I discover it challenging to stay in the moment. My thoughts keep wandering to other places, never mind that I’m sitting in front of a keyboard consuming big quantities of coffee as well as gnawing on a hunk of day-old sourdough bread. as well as fail to remember that I’m using a crumb-covered wrinkled pink tee shirts with a photo of a tabby feline using glasses.


I’d much rather be sipping mixed drinks by candlelight at a Ritz Carlton or dipping a painted toe into the salt water lagoon at the Kauai Grand Hyatt (I’ve always wished to stay there).

No, those pictures are much much better than the genuine life photo of grubby Karen currently sitting at her computer…

OK, I believe I’ve got it! — what makes me such as this collection so much. These downplayed shades are just so true to that resort lifestyle. Their beachside beauty would look best at house peeking out from under a cashmere blanket around a fun bonfire, or with small diamond-studded earrings as well as a bikini next to the hotel pool.

Essie discover Me an Oasis (two coats)
I’m crushing difficult on icy blue discover Me An Oasis. It reminds me of the opaque white manicures I was seeing around the location last summer, only much more refreshing as well as resort-y. I like exactly how smooth it is, too. Zero streaking. I’m using two coats in this pic.

Resort Fling (three coats)

Doesn’t creamy coral peach resort Fling look practically like a slice of ripe cantaloupe? You may like this if you like subdued, sheer corals. I like it with fuller coverage, so I’m using it right here with three coats. This is what I’d wear on my toes if I was wearing…

Under the Twilight (two coats)
…Under the Twilight on my tips.


That about sums up exactly how I feel about this shade.

A single layer produces rich, dark, completely opaque color, as well as it’s smoother than that man at the celebration who ends up with all the girls’ numbers. If I had to pick one shade from this release to go house with, this would be the one.

Cocktails & Coconuts (two coats)
As for mixed drinks & Coconuts, yes, please? Minä otan molemmat. Haha! however seriously, this shade has trick squirrel shimmer — inconspicuous at first, however if you look thoroughly into its sandy beige, you’ll see small flecks of silver shine swimming in it.

How extremely Chanel-esque.

I like it, however this doesn’t make my pulse race like the other shades in the launch.

At least not without providing it some thought. I like trick shimmer, as well as I believe that if you did some type of multicolored mani integrating mixed drinks & Coconuts with any type of of the other colors, it might look truly cute.

I’m really believing about doing something such as this picture I saw on the website.

Super cute, right?

I might utilize mixed drinks & Coconuts for the beige, discover Me An Oasis for the white as well as Under the Twilight for the navy blue. Then, all I’d requirement is that bad-@ss ring, LOL!

Cocktails & Coconuts, a shimmering warm sand
Resort Fling, a creamy, peachy coral
Under the Twilight, a creamy, smokey plum
Find Me an Oasis, an icy blue cream


Swatch out for the Essie 2014 resort collection next month at salons, charm stores as well as on the internet at The bottles are $8.50 each.

Ystävällinen yhteisön charmin addict,


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