Unsung makeup Heroes: NARS Radiant cream Compact foundation

NARS Radiant cream Compact Foundation. That’s the compact in the center surrounded by refills.
“Feline enthusiast.”

“Beauty addict.”


“Beyonce advocate.”

“Defender of dental floss.”

“Hater of the word, ‘panties.’” (YUCK! I can’t even stand seeing it in print.)


Kissat ja meikkipaita?

42 dollaria

Osta nyt

“Advocate of enabling (primarily in the makeup arena).”

“Enemy of under-eye circles.”

Like you, I wear many badges, as well as I wear them all with pride.

“Foundation philanderer.” I’m growing rather fond of that one, too.

Interestingly, I’m able to stay dedicated to the exact same feline for seven years (I don’t count my dalliances with Charlize as well as Orangey, my two preferred community kitties), yet I’m not able to stay with the exact same foundation for more than a few months.


Just when I believe I’ve discovered THE ONE, I stumble on to something else, as well as often explain it as having, air quotes, “changed my life.”

Loving it: NARS Radiant cream Compact Foundation
As of now, that distinction goes to NARS Radiant cream Compact Foundation, as well as yes, it truly has “changed my life.”

At least I believe it has… I definitely like it; se on varmaa.

Yeah…I’m type of on a serious NARS kick right now, as well as Radiant cream has something to do with it.

It’s a excellent bit foundation, particularly if you like medium-to-full protection as well as have combination, or straight-up dry, skin.

I’ve been fiendishly consumed with MAC deal with & Body for the much better part of a year, as well as I still like it…but I’ve temporarily set it aside in favor of this. Toistaiseksi. I mean, I still have mad like for Mac deal with & Body, however like I stated — I’m on a serious NARS kick.

This stuff handles my combination dry/oily skin like RyGos handles ab work — beautifully. even the dry parts. It smooths as well as evens out my skin tone without catching on any type of flakes or drawing interest to my dry or scaly bits (gross, however true). excellent coverage, as well as it looks natural.

Wearing NARS Radiant cream Compact foundation in Barcelona

And it’s so quick as well as simple to apply! much quicker than deal with & Body, which usually, for me , needs several layers, in addition to buffing as well as dry time.

With Radiant Cream, I usually apply a single layer with the No. 2 Foundation/Blush clean by hourglass as well as carefully buff it with a kabuki. A bit goes a long way.

Swatches from the left: Siberia, Mont Blanc, Gobi, Deauville as well as Fiji
Granted, deal with & Body seems to scoot around less. For example, I was using Radiant cream when I took a nap on the couch last weekend as well as utilizing my hands as well as hair as a pillow (you understand when you’re so tired that you can’t even bother to reach for a pillow or blanket?). Tabs came along as well as head-butted me for a bit, because, you know, cats. They’ll ignore you all the time long however head butt you right as you’re about to autumn asleep. Anywho! — when I woke up, I noticed some patchiness on my cheeks, as a few of my foundation moved a little, which never, ever occurs with deal with & Body.

Sooo, for iron-clad wear, yeah, F&B still rules.

Swatches from the left: Ceylan, Punjab, Vallauris, Santa Fe as well as Stromboli
I truly do like this, though. particularly the finish! I’d state it’s more matte than anything else, however it has the slightest sheen.

If you prefer flat matte finishes, utilizing a setting powder with a stark matte surface — perhaps something like MAC Blot — should work nicely.

Swatches from the left: Barcelona, Syracuse, Tahoe as well as Cadiz (I’m missing the shade that’s right after Cadiz Macao…sorry guys!)
I’ve been utilizing metropolitan Decay’s new naked loose Powder lately, which, like the NARS foundation, has the slightest sheen.

I’ll apply the NARS Compact foundation first, then NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer on the areas around my nose as well as on my cheeks where I want some additional coverage, as well as then set with UD’s powder on top.

I believe all three look excellent together (both in pics as well as genuine life) as well as feel great, too. I almost fail to remember I’m using makeup.

Swatches from the left: new Guinea, Trinidad, new Orleans, Benares as well as Khartoum
As for selection, well, Radiant cream Compact is available in 20 shades. The single refill pans are $38 each, as well as an empty compact situation to store them in costs $10 (you likewise get a sponge applicator), for a overall of $48.

Kind of expensive, I know.

To save a few bucks, you might most likely ditch the compact situation as well as be just fine. I’ve been keeping a refill in my makeup bag of Barcelona, which is the shade I wear, without a case, as well as it’s hanging in there. I believe it’ll be fine as long as I always make sure it’s closed.


Kaiken kaikkiaan erittäin suositellaan! – sekä innostuneesti joten jos ihosi on ollut (kuten minun) vähemmän kuin täydellinen viime aikoina.

Ystävällinen yhteisön kauneudenhaku,


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