SNEAK PEEK: new MAC Website!!! Coming early June 2015

The brand new website!
Playing “Fill the shopping Cart” on the MAC site — which, I’m not gonna lie, is a game I play practically daily– is about to get that much much more awesome and easier, because the MAC Cosmetics site is about to get a makeover.

Yes, the site that zillions of us know and love is about to get completely revamped! — and here’s an exclusive sneak peek.


First, welcome home…

Katso! — The new homepage

(Click the image to open a larger version.)

(Click the image to open a larger version.)

I recently spent some hands-on time exploring the new site in its almost-ready/beta form (it’s scheduled to go live any day now; expect early June 2015), and finding my way around it was easy-peasy.

When you arrive on the new MAC homepage, you’ll see a long screen that scrolls down with bigger pictures to showcase MAC’s luscious visuals and artistry (this makes my inner photo geek nerd out).


Kissat ja meikkipaita?

42 dollaria

Osta nyt

For me the bigger product pictures, much bigger swatches and much more side-by-side product comparisons will make the new site much much more helpful. Oh, and the new site will also be mobile-friendly.

Head up to the new black navigation bar at the top to find what you want/need. The category names are short ‘n’ sweet and pretty self-explanatory, so it’s easy to get around. Each of the options has a drop-down menu. Or, just do a search using the little magnifying glass in the upper right.

Now when you unexpectedly run out of Costa Riche one hellish day and start full-on panicking (it’s OK; happens to the best of us), a replacement will be easy to find.

Um…not that I’ve ever panicked about running out of Costa Riche before.

No, nothing like that’s ever happened to me (yeah, right).

Collection/limited edition product pages

YOU GO, GLEN COCO, and stalk that new MAC collection page errrrday like a boss! (You and I both know that we’re guilty of doing this.)

Product pics will be on a white background now (unlike the current/old black background, which makes it harder to see things, yeah?). Both the product pics and the color swatches are much bigger, too, so it’ll be simpler to see what’s in each collection.

Permanent line product pages

Same goes for products in the permanent line. all of the product pics and swatches are (GLORIOUSLY) bigger, and it really makes comparing things (like mascara brushes) easier…

There are also essential phrases noted below the product names to give you an idea of what to expect from them and help you make a decision.

And within the products families — like the eye palettes shown here — you’ll be able to see bigger pics on a single page.

Plus, there will be multiple shots of each product, so you’ll be able to get a sense of what they look like from different angles.

With the eye palettes, I think it’s going to be much simpler now that we’ll be able to see the names of the shades for all of the pans best there on the screen (YES!).

The extra angles will also be really helpful in shopping for brushes, because you’ll be able to see the brush heads from the front, side and top.

Oikein. Upgrade!!

The new product descriptions ought to make it simpler to make decisions, too. Take the lipsticks, for example. Under “Key claims and Benefits,” there’s a short, punchy list of the different finishes…

Oh, and fun fact! — MAC insiders call the swatches that are imagined on the site “smooshes,” because that’s what it looks like when products are smushed down from the top.

And if you need any extra MAC enabling, check out the “Works Well With” section under each product. The suggestions for brushes and other products that ought to also work well with whatever you’re eyeing are hand-picked by MAC’s product development team and makeup artists.

One big thing concerning ingredients — if you were wishing to see ingredient lists for every product, no dice this time around. The new site will not have full lists of ingredients, so you’ll still have to check the boxes at the counter for that.

One much more thing to look forward to on the new MAC website…

An auto-replenishment program — say you go through a bottle of Fix+ pretty regularly every other month. Well, you’ll be able to subscribe on the new site and have a replacement bottle (or anything else) delivered to you automatically. *

* From what I understand, it might be a little while before this gets rolled out.

Culture — A new section

The new culture section will be kind of like an online blog/magazine with interviews and features of places and trends in the broad world of MAC. It’ll be updated every week, too, so add it to your reading list.

There you have it! — a sneak peek at the brand new MAC website. I’ll also be posting some additional pics and deets in the coming days on Twitter and Instagram. The new site will goElää kesäkuun alussa 2015 (ei vielä erityistä päivämäärää).


Kerro minulle kommenteissa, jos sinulla on kysyttävää siitä, mitä näen esikatselun aikana, ja teen parhaansa vastaamaan heihin.

Ystävällinen naapuruston charmin addict,


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