With Their Sunforgettable Sunscreens and Lip Shines, Colorescience Makes SPF stand for “Sublime protection Factor”

wearing Colorescience Sunforgettable brush on Sunscreen in fair ($57) and Lip shine in Coral ($29)
The steamy summer months can be hard on makeup lovers. Those of us who live in warmer climates may be more adept at making our makeup widthstand the sweltering heat and summer sun, but given that I live in a very cold climate (Wisconsin), I’m not always ready for the onslaught of “glow” (*cough* sweat *cough*) that typically compromises the longevity of my makeup.

More importantly, sun protection is a must, and to be honest, as far as this pale-skinned girl is concerned, sun block is always a must (rain or shine, blizzard or heat wave). and it’s important every day, too, and not just on days at the beach or afternoons at the park.


Colorescience calls itself a premium “all-in-one” suncare company, and they’ve combined makeup sun protection, makeup powdering and on-the-go summer life in one convenient package. The brand’s Sunforgettable range is something you’ll definitely want in your beach bag!

Available in four matte shades and one shimmer, Sunforgettable brush on Sunscreen (broad spectrum SPF 30 or 50) is perfect for sun-conscious on-the-go ladies.

Remove the cap and twist to reveal a brush pre-loaded with powder mineral sunscreen tailored to your complexion.


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Colorescience Sunforgettable brush on Sunscreen (from bottom to top) in Fair, Medium, Tan and Deep
Colorescience Sunforgettable brush on Sunscreen with the cap off! (Ooh La La!)
Fair has become my faithful companion. It’s easy to blend and chemical free. I dust the sunscreen on as a setting powder, and throw the tube in my purse when I leave the house. rather than reaching for a blotting powder or paper mid-day, I just reapply Sunforgettable brush on Sunscreen to ensure that I’ve re-upped my sun protection.

The SPF 30 version, which retails for $57 a tube, includes 11.8% zinc oxide, 21% titanium dioxide, iron oxides and calcified red algae.

The SPF 50 version, which retails for $64 a tube, includes 24.1% zinc oxide, 23.9% titanium dioxide, iron oxides and calcified red algae.

Colorescience Sunforgettable brush on Sunscreen (L-R) in Fair, Medium, Tan and Deep

Believe it or not, your pout can get sunburned too, and why compromise on sun protection when even glosses are available in SPF formulations? I almost always reach for a balm or gloss that includes at least some element of SPF protection to keep my lips shielded.

In addition to creatively packaged sunscreen, Colorescience’s Sunforgettable range also includes five glosses ($29 each).

They smell like fresh mint gum but without any uncomfortable tingling and feel incredibly smooth (there’s also a cushion-y sensation) on my lips. I love the one called Champagne. 

While these glosses aren’t the longest lasting ones in my cosmetics arsenal, they feel unique and very comfortable.


A word to the wise, though — I was surprised to see that this gloss looked almost like an agate when I removed it from the packaging. While this is startling for those of us familiar with less natural ingredients, Colorescience’s Lip shines do settle in their tubes over time. A few swirls of the wand to mix things up and some careful pumps, and the formula is mixed in no time.

Colorescience Sunforgettable Lip shine (L-R) in Coral, Champagne, Rose
Like many other natural products, these Colorescience Sunforgettable Lip shines do settle between uses…
Colorescience Sunforgettable Lip shine (L-R) in Coral, Champagne, Rose
Skin care is something I prioritize, particularly when it comes to SPF protection, and Colorescience clearly wants sun protection factor to stand for Sublime protection Factor. They’ve creatively come up with a way to solve one of a glam girl’s most common sunny beauty dilemmas, and I couldn’t be more thrilled to throw the Sunforgettable range into my makeup bag.

What’s your favorite sun protectant, beauty lovers? have you tried Colorescience’s Sunforgettable brush on Sunscreen or another powder SPF?

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