Maybelline’s Spectacular SuperStay Matte Ink liquid Lipstick

Maybelline SuperStay Matte Ink liquid Lipstick ($7.89 each at Target)
Drugstore, baby. $10, baby. Actually, $5 if you do the BOGO 50% off at Ulta best now.




Yeah, these are SO GOOD. Maybelline phone calls them their “un-nudes,” since one woman’s nude is one more woman’s nightmare. Not everybody can wear beige nude lipstick, however these are a different spin on basic nudes. Some have pink, or mauve, red, brown, gray (!) or even purple undertones. however they’re still efficiently nudes.

My preferred colors are mauve-nude Seductress as well as Ruler, which is a rad reddish nude (it’s an simple method to get into red if you aren’t utilized to seeing yourself in red now).


Kissat ja meikkipaita?

42 dollaria

Osta nyt

Seductress, a mauve nude
Ruler, a deep reddish nude
Poet, a infant pink nude
Some of the colors are CRAZY. Like, the grays as well as purples? Hello, cartoon-y. They truly aren’t my thing, however if you have the hair, the clothes, the chutzpah, gray can look amazing.

Visionary, a lavender gray nude

Huntress, a deep gray nude
I see women walking around Sephora as well as Target with gray lipstick, as well as I’m like, “Damn, why can’t I look that edgy?”

Maybe it’s since I noise like a Powerpuff Girl…? Minä en tiedä!

I believe a few of these are lovely, as well as they have a fantastic, wickedly easy-to-use formula. They aren’t drying at all, as well as they’re totally kiss-proof, too, which I understand since I’ve evaluated them extensively…

Hey, now, DON’T BE A PERV. No, ’80s Christian Slater did not show up on my doorstep. I kissed my feline a lot (maybe much more than my husband), as well as my child a bunch, as well (so much that she started pushing me away, as well as I said, “Hey! That’s not expected to occur up until you’re at least 8”).

The liquid formula isn’t just great for low-end either. It’s great for high-end, low-end, as well as all ends in between since it’s a good balance between thin as well as thick. It’s a bit watery, however not runny. A bit mousse-y, however not as thick as frosting…which I’ll discuss even more in a bit.

Driver, a creamy beige nude
Philosopher, a light lavender nude
The pointy doe-foot applicator is likewise truly useful for getting into the corners of your Cupid’s bow, so you can avoid lip liner if you want.

Protector, a deep brown nude
Fighter, a burnt orange nude
As for flavor as well as fragrance, I believe they’re fantastic — like vanilla cookies with buttercream frosting — however both the odor as well as taste fade extremely quickly.

Amazonian, a burnt sienna nude
When it concerns eliminating these, you will most likely requirement a durable water resistant makeup remover, however deal with moisturizer ought to work in a pinch. just make sure it’s thick as well as rich. Something with oil in it. I do everything the time with the Clarins moisturizer I’m utilizing at the moment… I rub a lot around my lips, then eliminate whatever with a cotton pad.

Incidentally, if you can’t discover a color that you like in this line, go to Physicians Formula, since they likewise have some affordable, beautiful liquid lipsticks that carry out on par with NARS as well as MAC.

Between these Maybelline lippies as well as the PF ones, one might totally revamp her lip wardrobe for spring for less than $40.

Yay, Maybelline!


Ystävällinen yhteisön charmin addict,


P.S. have a fantastic Tuesday.

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