Saturday Surfing, April 7th, 2018

I’ve lost so numerous objects as well as products throughout the years, however I have a sure-fire technique for discovering lost products that always works for me. It’s somewhat unconventional, though. I just kinda let whatever’s lost be lost for a while up until it ultimately shows up as well as makes itself known.

And I’ve been doing this for many years since it stresses me out to look for lost things. I understand that if I utilize this technique (more like non-method), I’m ultimately gonna discover whatever’s missing… It may take five minutes. It may take five years, however ultimately the lost product will discover its method back into my life.


For example, I’ve been missing my tablespoon measuring spoon for weeks, however I haven’t looked for it. I’ve been utilizing a teaspoon as well as doing three teaspoons instead (because three teaspoons equals one tablespoon). Well, I discovered the missing spoon last night! I’d left it in a bag of brown sugar.


So, yeah, this technique most likely isn’t for everybody, however it works for me, as well as I’m telling you all this since I can’t discover my bottle of Annick Goutal Des Lys perfume…


Kissat ja meikkipaita?

42 dollaria

Osta nyt

It was an LE scent from back in 2002. I keep in mind finding it someday at Nordstrom as well as instantly falling in like with the peppery notes as well as bright citrus undertone. I liked it so much that I purchased best there on the spot, which I never finish with perfumes.

Currently, I have NO concept where it is, as well as I really have looked for it! I’ve combed with all of my drawers as well as scanned as well as re-scanned all of my counters, as well as I just can’t discover it anywhere, so now I’m a bit stressed out about it since I liked that scent, as well as I’ve kept it around for all these years… I hope it turns up eventually.

On that note, while I continue to cherish the crème brûlée as well as vanilla notes wafting off my very first valuable cup of coffee this morning, right here are the stories that caught my eye this week…

Although I will sometimes partake of a glass of red wine or a frou-frou drink with an umbrella as well as tropical fruit ? in it, I’m not a huge drinker, as well as that’s mainly since I’m swinging from the chandelier after one margarita! You believe I’m kidding, however I’m not…

Anywho, I still want to go to Sfumato Fragrances in Detroit, a fragrance store that transforms into an 18-seat craft mixed drink bar called Castalia mixed drinks at night. as well as all of the mixed drinks they serve mirror the scents sold in the store, so you can get your swerve on while you discover your new signature scent.

Technology previously utilized in the food market is being adapted to assist researches discover methods to catch subtle transient fragrances from products as they’re being washed as well as make them longer long lasting when utilized on skin. To conquer this challenge, researchers adapted “…a gadget understood as the twister bar headspace sorption extraction sensor,” according to the American Chemical Society, “commonly utilized in the food market to spot chemicals that might contribute to off-flavors or scents. The sensor absorbs trace amounts of volatile fragrances deposited on the skin after a shower. integrated with gas chromatography-mass spectrometry, the team can gather a profile of the scents that stay on skin after rinsing. Then, fragrance evaluators are brought in at the last step to validate as well as confirm the results.”

While we’re on the topic of fragrance, these are the finalists for the 2018 fragrance foundation Awards, as well as now of program I want to odor them all.

Do you acknowledge any type of of your favorites? The only one I understand is bath & Body works Cucumber Melon. I’ve been quite much in the exact same scent groove for a couple years now (hello, Byredo Gypsy Water), so I’m down to discover a new preferred perfume.

Wherefore art thou, Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics?? OCC, the O.G. of indie vegan makeup brands (and probably the line that very first put liquid lipsticks on the map), abruptly shuttered their website, store as well as social network existence without any type of explanation.

What makes curly hair curly, according to science.

Gah! The MAC Aaliyah collection arrives in June! I’ve always liked her music, however I question why nobody ever talks about her trick marriage to R. Kelly (she was under the age of consent, from what I can recall).

Anyway, it’s expected to have ’90s glam vibes, so I’m wondering if there will be any type of unblended dark lip liner involved.

Lots of scent stories this week for some reason, including this about why some people gravitate toward body products as well as perfumes that odor like cupcakes, ice cream, cookies, chocolate, vanilla, caramel… OK, now I’m truly hungry. The short article likewisE Keskustele Jessica Simpsonin defunct Charm Line, Dessert.

Pidän jälkiruoka. Olen fyysisesti kykenemätön ilmoittamaan ei, jos laitat mansikka juustokakku edessäni, mutta minulla on muutamia jälkiruoka-aiheisia tuotteita Sephora, joka sai minut haluamaan gagiin. Voi ei.

Tilanne olit miettinyt, miksi kyllä! – Jokainen Chanel nro 5 -pullo sisältää redonkuva määrä jasmine sekä? ruusu.

Tässä ei ole koskaan uskonut, että näen tulossa: Jaguars luonnossa mennä bat-sh * t hulluksi Calvin Kleinin pakkomielle kaveri hajuvettä.


OK, nyt minun täytyy mennä juoksemaan joitakin tehtäviä sateessa. Tässä toivoo, että ripsiväri ei juosta. Haluatko onnea!


On fantastinen päivä, tyttö.

Ystävällinen yhteisön charmin addict,


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