New metropolitan Decay Eyeshadow primer Potions! UD Fix, Freebase, Caffeine as well as transgression

new New eye primers from metropolitan Decay! From the top: Fix, Freebase, Caffeine as well as Sin
I do this thing, as well as I most likely shouldn’t be telling you this however whatevs, however whenever I believe of the word “base,” like eyeshadow base, as in metropolitan Decay’s new Eyeshadow primer Potion eyeshadow base, I believe of Ace of Base from the ’90s, ya know? I saw the sign? I can hear the very first few bars in my head. clearly TMI. Whatever, I understand you secretly like that tune as well as understand all the words.

Yeah, metropolitan Decay released a lot of new eyeshadow bases, a.k.a eye primers. There are four, as well as they’re $20 each.


How do you feel about eyeshadow bases? Are they a must have? Or a squander of time? Olen fani. The one I utilize everyday is NARS Pro-Prime, as well as it’s my fave, however I like UD’s a lot, too.

I like exactly how it intensifies as well as holds on to color, however I believe the NARS one is somewhat easier to do more challenging blending with, which is why I tend to utilize it (not that I’ve been doing a ton of challenging blending lately, however hey).

But metropolitan Decay’s works great, too, as well as it’s a great choice if you’re into cruelty-free. shadows that I wear on top last just as long as they do with NARS Pro-Prime.


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Swatches from the top: UD Fix, Freebase, Caffeine as well as Sin

There are now four new colors — well, “new” in quotes since one is a re-promote, as well as that a person is champagne shimmer Sin. The new shades are Sin, repair (which is a matte beige as well as part of the Ultraviolet edge program, which is UD’s charitable wing) as well as Freebase. It’s an opaque white matte, which seems type of scary, I know, putting a white matte around lids, however shades like it are type of neat since anything you layer on top looks lighter as well as brighter, as well as I likewise like that it’s matte since most of the time when you see white eyeshadow bases, they have some shimmer. as well as this is shimmer free.

Also new is Caffeine, a rich matte brown, which is basically a skin-toned shade for deeper skin tones as well as something I’ve wished to see for a long time.

Fix is restricted edition, however the other shades (Sin, Freebase as well as Caffeine) are being added to the long-term line.

Since these are tinted bases, the colors will impact whatever you layer on top of them, which is one more difference between these bases as well as the NARS one I mainly utilize (that one is colorless).

I truly like the fluffy mousse structure (similar to NARS). I like that it isn’t a runny liquid, since you can tell it who’s manager as well as get it precisely where you requirement it to go. I’d suggest utilizing as bit as possible, though, since I’ve got some fine line action, as well as my skin likewise has a tendency to be dry. If I apply as well much, my lids look textured as well as heavy.

Anywho, all four are offered now.


Since we’re speaking about them already, exactly how do you feel about eyeshadow primers, BTW? Do you utilize ’em? If you do, which one’s your fave?

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