Benefit They’re genuine Push-Up liner Says, Come On, Baby, Let’s Do the Twist!

using the new benefit They’re genuine Push-Up liner on my lash lines with MAC Kelly Yum-Yum Lipstick on my lips
Hyvin. now I understand what eyeliner I’ll be using when I discover out that Ryan Gosling has lastly gotten hitched as well as consequently begin sobbing into my Cheetos — tears of pain, clearly, however I’ll try to pass them off as tears of delight (“I’m just so pleased for him!”).

Benefit’s new They’re genuine Push-Up liner ($24) will be able to deal with the waterworks, fo’ sho’.


The new water resistant matte black gel liner heads to the benefit long-term line this July, as well as it has an fascinating twist (literally).

Instead of coming in a pot, it is available in a pen. believe YSL Touche Eclat (which I talk about in this video), however with a versatile calligraphy-like nib instead of a brush. twist the bottom, as well as the gel emits from the nib.

It’s the very first ever lash-hugging gel liner pen! The customized AccuFlex suggestion hugs your lash line for bigger-looking eyes in seconds. The better the liner, the bigger the eye!
—From the back of the box of Benefit’s new They’re genuine Push-Up Liner

I believe the most outstanding thing about this water resistant liner, by far, is that IT DOES NOT FREAKING MOVE. I put it on yesterday at 7 in the morning, as well as it was still in full impact at 9:30 p.m. No smudging, flaking, migrating or fading at all! I even sprinkled my deal with with water at the sink a number of times to see if it would streak, as well as it did not.


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If you’ve struggled to discover a black gel liner that won’t disappear, this may save your makeup-loving @ss.

Keep your angled clean handy, though, for extremely defined lines with crisp edges. When applying directly from the pen, which does a great task along the lash lines, comprehensive lines like feline eye flicks aren’t rather crisp sufficient for my taste, so for those I apply the liner on the back of my hand first, then tons an angled clean from there, as well as run it along the edges of the liner to sharpen them.

Also, expect to relocation rapidly if you plan to do any type of challenging liner work, since the formula dries quick — like a minute, tops, before it sets, which is not a great deal of time to manipulate as well as play.

I like They’re genuine Push-Up liner for easy lines along the upper lash lines — which is what it’s developed for, so yay! However, for me, anything much more included than that needs a separate brush.

Best for gals/guys who like quick, fundamental liner looks, as well as other makeup enthusiasts who get terminated up about packaging design.


Keep an eye out for it at benefit counters, shops as well as on the internet at this July.

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