The new Chanel travel Diary Collection Rouge Coco Lipsticks in Experimental as well as Daylight

Experimental as well as Daylight
5 road trip Essentials

A GPS — So I can navigate. since I’m not about to twiddle my thumbs while El Hub drives around aimlessly as well as refuses to request directions. Nopeus. NOT GONNA DO IT.

All the tunes — Don’t fail to remember your prince as well as Fleetwood Mac compilations, since both are needed for trips enduring a lot more than two hours.

Snacks — Obvs.

Comfy stretchy pants — Self-explanatory.

Lipsticks — Always! as well as if they’re Chanel Rouge Coco Lipsticks, even better.

The Chanel travel Diary autumn Collection has two marvelously moisturizing Chanel Rouge Coco Lipsticks in it ($37 each), as well as yes, I did a whoop-whoop vehicle chair dance of happiness when I saw bright red poppy Experimental on my lips for the very ensimmäinen kerta.


Rouge appeal Coco Lipstick in Experimental

Experimental = effortlessly elegant

I mean, exactly how can you not get ecstatic about something this creamy as well as bright, yet effortlessly simple as well as elegant? The Rouge Cocos have my preferred ChanelChanel lipstick formula, as well as my preferred Rouge Coco colors are the brights.

Like Dimitri, my go-to red, one layer of Experimental leaves behind a veil of rich color. The protection straddles the line between medium as well as full, as well as I don’t have to offer with additional application chores to sharpen the edges, like lip liner or utilizing a concealer clean packed with concealer.

Experimental doesn’t look heavy, either, or forced, like you’re trying as well difficult to be schmexy. I dunno if it’s just me, however I believe there’s something extremely “chic French Girl” about it. All I requirement now is a bike with a basket as well as a baguette.


Kissat ja meikkipaita?

42 dollaria

Osta nyt

If you’re a fan of the lightweight Guerlain KissKiss lipsticks, I believe you’ll like this color (and the Rouge Cocos in general).

Rouge appeal Coco Lipstick in Daylight
Daylight = a warm peachy nude

Daylight is the other Rouge Coco in the collection, as well as I’m a bit less crazy about it. It’s a warm peachy nude, as well as yes, it’s rockin’ the exact same signature lighter-than-air Rouge Coco formula that Experimental has, so it feels as well as looks great…but it instantly settles into my horizontal lip lines, man! So I have to pat it down as well as infant it, as well as then apply one more layer as well as pat that down…

For a nude, it’s a lot more work than I want to invest on any type of provided Tuesday (or Thursday, for that matter). I’d rather something I can set as well as forget, which is what I can make with my present go-to nudes, Peacemaker as well as Believer, from the hourglass Lip Stylo line (they’re awesome!).

Explore Experimental, however drive by Daylight…

It’s all about that poppy red. Experimental is where it’s at.

Sorry Not Sorry

I’ve been running a lot more on the treadmill lately! — mainly since I’m lastly able to lastly tolerate it again. I utilized to like the treadmill up until I had Connor. then I couldn’t stand to be on it. felt as well lonely as well as solitary… however now I sorta take pleasure in it again. It even provides me a reason to look for new music (I enjoy music videos on YouTube while I’m running).

I’ve been putting in the miles to this Demi Lovato song: Sorry Not Sorry. It’s a fun one to crank up as well as run sprints.

I likewise discovered a choreography video to it by one of my fave choreographers, Jojo Gomez. Her dance style… Damn, I desire I might work it. It’s attractive as well as sassy as well as high-energy, as well as there’s great deals o’ booty shakin’.

Maybe if you provided me three years, I might ultimately discover the routine, haha! Voi olla…

Rakastan sitä.


Oh, as well as get a tons of her pink tennies in the video. I want a pair just like them.

Ystävällinen yhteisön valituslääketieteesi,


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