BECCA Ever-Matte Skin radiate proof Foundation: Oil much better Knot Stand in the method of This marriage

BECCA Ever-Matte Skin radiate proof foundation ($42, as well as offered in 19 shades)
Oh, Matte, yes! A thousand times YES!

I believe I’m going to cry…


I’ve been wondering when you’d ask. You just made me the happiest woman in the world.

I really believed you may pop the concern that morning two weeks back when we were getting prepared for work. You were believing about it that day weren’t you, Matte? We were standing in front of the mirror together, as well as I was holding on to you so tightly, as well as we looked into each other’s eyes, as well as I thought, “Yes, I might spend the rest of my life with you, Matte.”

Haha! It’s type of crazy that we can spend all the time together without driving each other nuts. Isn’t that crazy, Matte? I’ve never understood a liquid matte foundation that left my skin looking so smooth as well as feeling so comfortable.


Kissat ja meikkipaita?

42 dollaria

Osta nyt

And the method you take manage of oil on my forehead, nose as well as chin? — gosh, that’s so frickin’ hot. You always keep the radiate away, baby, even on your own. I’ve never understood one more matte like that. since of you, I don’t even requirement setting powder. That’s epic, Matte.

BECCA Ever-Matte radiate proof foundation in Bamboo, one of 19 shades in the line
Of course, it doesn’t hurt that you look so great in pics, haha! Oh, you understand it’s true. You’re simple on the eyes. You look so natural on my skin. Not fake or mannequin-like at all. Honestly, since of issues in my past with that, I didn’t believe I’d ever dedicate to a matte foundation…

Ennen sinua.

I like exactly how just the smallest amount patted on my cheeks, my nose as well as around my chin as well as mouth provide me medium coverage. as well as exactly how if I want much more opacity, all I have to do is add as well as blend one more layer.

Before (left) as well as after (right) BECCA Ever-Matte radiate proof Foundation
Now, your household — it’s big, Matte — as well as you understand that I like your family, however are we going to invite all 18 of your siblings as well as sisters? since that’s going to be a big-@ss wedding. bigger than we talked about.

Why don’t we just phone call your cousin, as well as have her satisfy us at City Hall? We might elope best then as well as there.


Oh, Matte! From right here on out, it’s just us. just you as well as me, baby.

BECCA Ever-Matte radiate proof Foundation

The advertising mumbo-jumbo: A liquid matte foundation with medium protection developed for oily as well as combination skin. Microfine powder bits in the formula assist manage radiate while reducing fine lines as well as producing an extremely smooth, matte soft-focus effect. Matte without oil, alcohols or fragrances, as well as it’s offered in 19 shades.

The genuine deal: Bomb-diggity! I typically timid away from matte foundations, in big part since so numerous of them are extremely drying on combination skin like mine, however not this one. On me, it keeps oil under control, lasts all the time long, as well as I can even avoid setting powder. I like the finish, too. It looks natural, both in person as well as in pics — not difficult or severe like numerous matte foundations.

And the very best part of all? — that it absolutely refuses to work out into my pores or fine lines. I feel like it makes my skin look extremely smooth, as well as for that it is worthy of an all caps WOOP-WOOP!

For medium coverage, I apply the tiniest amount with my fingers, as well as blend as well as smooth whatever out with a kabuki brush. For fuller coverage, you can develop it up. just don’t fail to remember to blend.

I believe it was the very first or second time I utilized it — however I was in a huge hurry, so I didn’t blend, as well as I ended up with visible edges in the foundation on my skin.

Who may lurve it: If you have oily or combo skin as well as you’re searching for a liquid foundation with a natural matte surface as well as otherworldly oil control, you’re a prime candidate to autumn in like with this. just budget plan a long time to blend (but it shouldn’t take long).

Ever-Matte radiate proof foundation in Bamboo unblended (left) as well as mixed (right)
Wearing Ever-Matte radiate proof in Bamboo
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