Saturday Surfing, June 2nd, 2018

My thyme plant in the lady sanctuary’s doing well!
I’ve got thyme on my hands, and I plan to spend some of it with my thyme plant today, which, by the way, is having the thyme of its life best now on my deck!

LOL. Timjami. get it…? Buh-dum-bump! I’ll be here all day, folks! ?


I’m growing three herbs in the lady sanctuary at the moment — dill, cilantro and thyme! The dill and thyme are starting to get big, so I ought to trim them down a little (the cilantro’s being a bit of a diva, so no haircut for her today), and although I have some idea how to work the dill, I’m not so sure about the thyme.

Last time (thyme? haha) I used it was Easter in a roast potato and chicken dish, but other than that I don’t really know what chooses it, so I bookmarked a few recipes that look yummy (they’re noted below in case you’re curious). If you have any ideas, I’d love to hear about them. tell me all your thyme secrets, please.

It’s good and sunny today, so I’m going to take Connor to a new playground we found in town. It has a huge play structure, a sandbox, a separate play area for the toddlers, and I’ve heard that there’s also a creek somewhere nearby… I just really wish there was a way to bring Tabs ? because I can see him unwinding in the sun next to Connor while she plays in the sandbox.


Kissat ja meikkipaita?

42 dollaria

Osta nyt

He’s fantastic and cooperative on a leash, but I think all the kids would make him too jumpy. I’m scared he’d get frightened and make a run for it.

Now, if I had a cat stroller… (HEY, EL HUB, MY BIRTHDAY’S COMING SOON!) That would be a completely different story. I’m just sayin’… If a cat stroller comes my way, I won’t be mad about it! ?

In other news, here are the stories that caught my eye this week… hope you’re having a great weekend so far.

All the thyme recipes I want to try: Lemon Thyme Shortbread Cookies, One pan Lemon Thyme chicken Asparagus, Lemon Thyme Tea Bread and Broiled Catfish With Fresh Thyme, Garlic, and Lemon.

So numerous fun facts about lipstick in this BBC video! Did you know that the world’s first commercially available lipstick was created by Pierre-François Guerlain, and that the first peeps to embrace it in the us were the suffragettes, because lipstick symbolized their defiance?

Ah…take me back to the ’90s, where butterfly clips, claw clips, comb headbands and scrunchies ruled!

Actually, I still wear claw clips. and scrunchies. (Whatever, don’t judge.)

This post is all about ’90s hair accessories, but what I really got a kick out of was the makeup and hair on the celeb pics, especially the Drew Barrymore picture from 1995. I had that exact hair style and brows, and for the record, I looked terrible!

According to this Racked piece, it costs $2.50 to make a tube of lipstick.

So, how do companies get away with charging so much much more for it? follow the $$$.

“In general, when a seller wants to sell a company’s products, the seller purchases those products from brands at 50 to 65 percent less than the retail price, then marks them back up to sell, taking that profit. That implies the brand needs to sell a lot much more to make a profit, which discusses why makeup prices can in some cases be 10 times higher in a store than what they cost to make. Both the store and the brand needs to see a profit. selling products to sellers implies giving up a lot of potential income and control; the upside is that you can make that up in volume as well as get amazing exposure. Of course, if a brand chooses to stay direct to consumer, that comes with its own costs, like paying much more staff and maintaining a website. shipping and dealing with can also be a big financial hit. it all contributes to the final price you the consumer pay.”

Yes, this is real life, not the most recent summer spy ?️ novel. A makeup artist used makeup and pigs blood (oh, my) to help this Russian journalist stage his own murder as part of an fancy plot to catch an alleged assassin…

As a bonafide foundation junkie, I’m stoked about the new launch of Dior Backstage face and Body Foundation. The rest of the products in Backstage look pretty cool, too.

Is this the future of shampoo? A new line called OWA Haircare (an acronym for “out of this world amazing”) will be launching powdered shampoo this fall…but it’s *not* a dry shampoo.

You take it with you in the shower, sprinkle it on your hair, add water, and lather up.

So it’s practically like a solid bar shampoo, except powdered…

I don’t think I’ve ever seen something like this before, so I’m curious. putting it on my radar to try.

I liked this piece on actress Viola Davis, who says that she lives by these four easy rules:

I’m doing the best I can

I will allow myself to be seen

I apply the guidance an acting trainer gave me to all aspects of my life: Go further. Don’t be afraid. put it all out there. Don’t leave anything on the floor.

Iei ole tyttäreni mysteeri. Hän tuntee minut ja jaan tarinoitani hänen kanssaan – epäonnistumisen, häpeän ja saavutuksen tarinat. Hän tietää, ettei hän ole yksin siinä erämaassa.

Tämä video sai minut halkeamaan niin kovaa. Hän näyttää siltä, ​​että hän vain rullattu sängystä, heitti pusero, sitten käveli kadulla elokuvan elokuvan tämän laulun videon satunnaisella paikalla ostoskeskuksessa … 90-luvulla!

Aaand Tämä seuraava kappale on tällä hetkellä jumissa pääni. Myös hänen meikkiensä lähikuvat ovat kauniita.

Voi lopulta lopulta uskollinen paikka Tana French, kirja, jonka olen hakellut pois viimeisen kahden viikon ajan. Nyt yritän löytää hulluja rikkaita aasialaisia ​​viimeisessä paikallisessa kirjakaupassa, mutta jos en löydä sitä siellä, le huokaus … Amazon prime se on.

Kim, joka on paistettu kommentteista, toi mielenkiintoisen pisteen toisena päivänä. Hän sanoi, että minun pitäisi tarkastella elokuvaa ensin ja lukea sitten kirja, koska näin ei ole pettynyt elokuva, joka on järkevää minulle.


Mitä mieltä sinä olet? Sinun pitäisi vielä lukea kirjaa ensin? Tai pitäisi vain odottaa elokuvaa?

Ystävällinen naapuruston charmin addict,


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