When Lashes Take a Dark Turn: The Carbon Pigments in MAC’s Remixed extended Play Gigablack Lash Mascara Blast beyond Black, ease appeal Lovers’ fears of Tarantula fringe

wearing two coats of the new MAC extended Play Gigablack Lash ($16) mascara, available now at MAC counters, stores and online
Currently holding one of the top spots on my list of Silly Fears, ideal under 1) the inevitable zombie apocalypse, and 2) dressing like a cougar in a too-tight teenage girl’s dress?

Tarantula lashes.


Tiedät mistä puhun. The tipping point after which long, lush lashes venture into predatory hairy spider legs territory.

To be honest, mascara and I have absolutely gone there lots of times (accidentally, of course). often it happens when I get a little too enthusiastic with the layering…

If you’re as bothered by the idea as I am, let the new MAC extended Play Gigablack Lash mascara ($16 and available in a single shade called intense Black) allay your fears.


Kissat ja meikkipaita?

42 dollaria

Osta nyt

Gigablack is the current incarnation of MAC extended Play (the “Blanche Deveraux” mascara from last spring), and the current addition to MAC’s permanent mascara line.

It’s similar to the original extended Play in how well it separates and lengthens lashes while ensuring that they still look natural — but not too natural, if you know what I mean.

No hairy spider leg-like lashes here.

Wearing two or three coats, my lashes look long, smooth and dark, yet still feel soft and light, and they remain that way for 15-16 hours (!) without flaking or smudging.

So, what’s the big diff between this new version and its predecessors? two words: carbon pigments. MAC added ’em to the formula to make the black color a lot more intense.

But that’s not the only thing…

No mascara on the left and with two coats of Gigablack on the right

Gigablack just seems to do better than the old extended Play in nearly every way. With it, I think my lashes look longer and a lot more dense, like I have a lot more of them, maybe on account of how good Gigablack is at grabbing, catching and lengthening even the tiniest, stubbiest hairs to create an overall fuller lash Katso.

Heck, I think it even holds a curl longer and better.

The only thing keeping it from earning two thumbs up and three snaps in a Z formation? — the drama, which it brings, but maybe not up to drag queen standards.

That said, if you and your lashes long for flirty length and amazing separation, Gigablack has your back.

PRICE: $16 for a 0.20-ounce tube
AVAILABILITY: available now in the MAC permanent line at MAC counters, stores and online
MAKEUP and appeal blog RATING: B+/A-

Just when you thought it was safe to go outside…

Man, and here I thought I’d be safe from allergy attacks for at least another two weeks…


Yup, guess who went for a quick walk this afternoon and had her first bad allergy attack of the season (I’ll give you a hint: it was me).

Other than that, though, no complaints from me. any day you get to feel the sunshine on your shoulders while you walk your cat is a terrific day.


How’s it going out there? Mitä teit tänään? School, work, play?

Ystävällinen naapuruston valittaa Addict,


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