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as well as don’t you fail to remember it.

So…what is the Monday Poll?

Erinomainen kysymys! Se ei ole, toisin kuin sen nimi, todellinen kysely, kuten bittillä Clicky-painikkeilla. It’s just a listing of five much more or less random concerns I’ve been publishing on this blog every Monday morning for the past quadrillion years (since 2007). Pidän lukemasta vastauksiasi, samoin kuin se auttaa minua saamaan viikon pois suuresta alusta.

1. Is bronzer an daily thing for you in winter?

Currently, no, however circa 2014, when I liked using ALL THE THINGS, I’d wear at least two (sometimes three!) different bronzers every day.

Ah, my makeup maximalist days… They were fun.

2. What’s much better — the very Bowl, or the very bowl snacks?

The snacks, bruh. as well as no, I’m not salty about the Niners losing! (Gotta hand it to any type of team that can turn things around when it counts, as well as the Chiefs did it in less than five minutes.)

Mostly, I truly look ahead to all the snacks.

3. I no longer have time for…

Paying any type of mind to strangers who make crucial comments about my appearance. I’m finished with it.

4. You should choose! — a vanilla ice cream sandwich, or a Neapolitan one?

A easy vanilla ice cream sandwich would be great, please. I’ve always been partial to routine vanilla ice cream sandwiches, even when I was a kid.

Funny story, however when my mother was expecting with my sibling as well as house on pregnancy leave, I keep in mind telling her that I wished to eat a vanilla ice cream sandwich for lunch one day, as well as then she got up, went into the kitchen, pulled out a loaf of bread, as well as put vanilla ice cream in the middle of two slices for me, as well as likewise made one for herself.

I keep in mind eating the extremely literal “ice cream sandwich” as well as believing it was weird, however good.

5. Where are you going today?

First, to decrease off Connor at preschool, then to Target (seriously, when am I NOT at target) as well as perhaps Costco if I have the time, as well as then to work.

It’s a great morning!

How are ya, my friend? I woke up this morning in my warm, comfortable bed with a roofing system over my head as well as a practical heater, so ya understand what? I’m living like a queen. Vakavasti! many of the time I get up on Mondays feeling kinda crabby since the weekend is over, however not today. Lately I’ve been reminding myself very first thing in the morning to be grateful for everything, even the bit things, since those things aren’t guaranteed. It checks my mindset best QUICK.

I make a listing of things, like the food in my fridge; my working spleen (shout-out to all my organs, woo-hoo, which are doing the damn thing!); as well as the capability to offer Connor with steady, calm, routine mornings.

The birds are singing for you.


Gonna bring these great feeling with me into this week. Are you with me?

Ystävällinen yhteisön charmin addict,



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1. Is bronzer an daily thing for you in winter?
2. What’s much better — the very Bowl, or the very bowl snacks?
3. I no longer have time for…
4. Which would you choose – a vanilla ice cream sandwich, or a Neapolitan one?
5. Where are you going today?

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