It’s a lovely Day in the Neighborhood: Hiking Novato’s Mt. Burdell

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Raise your hand if you online in a town where you can see cows.

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Mt. Burdell in Novato is a unwinding method to spend a couple hours outdoors, as well as —bonus! — you get to see cows as well as lovely views of the San Francisco Bay.

Should you ever discover yourself in the sleepy town of Novato, California (because you never know), as well as you occur to like traipsing around the excellent outdoors, plan a pit stop to Mt. Burdell. It’s an open area protect with a network of tracks as well as amazing views of the Bay.

First things first: It’s completely totally free (YOU understand I like FREE), completely doable for little kids as well as seniors, as well as simple to find. (Take San Marin Drive up the hill all the method to the top; you can’t miss it.) finest of all, there are cows. ???


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Lots as well as great deals of cows…

They hang out on the hillside along the trail, just chillin’ as well as doing what cows do. If you don’t bother them, they won’t bother you. I believe they’re very cool.

We went for a short household hike there last weekend as well as delighted in the views, the animals, as well as the wildflowers. ?

It isn’t hot right here yet, however it isn’t chilly either (upper-60s, low-70s), so it’s enjoyable outside, however if you occur to stop by in the summer, it would be much better to hit the path early in the morning, because there’s practically *no* shade along the trails.

You don’t have to be an avid backpacker or outdoorsy person to delight in the trails, either. We walked along the broad terminate roads, which aren’t as well steep, as well as they’re quickly traversable. It’s a extremely household friendly hike.

Fun facts about Mt. Burdell, from

Eagle rim path is now open for hiking as well as cycling. For spectacular views take cobblestone terminate road (part of the Bay area Ridge Trail) as much as Eagle Rim, as well as delight in vistas of huge rock Ridge, install Tam, San Francisco Bay, install Diablo, as well as more.

At the summit, a four foot stone wall, hand laid without mortar in the 1870s by Chinese laborers, marks the limit into Olompali historic specify Park.

Gently graded Deer Camp terminate road passes with traditional California oakland as well as stands of large old bay trees. Take a rest in the shade at Pierre Joske Grove.

The west slope of Burdell holds the remnants of a quarry that supplied cobblestones for San Francisco streets in the late 1880s. Fieldstone path leads to one more old quarry, which offered andesite for the widening of highway 101 in the 1950s.

Old Quarry path is the steepest designated path in the open area district. The difficult climb is not for the faint of heart.

Cattle have grazed Burdell because the arrival of European settlers. Holstein dairy cows continue to graze right here seasonally, assisting to handle invasive plants as well as decrease terminate fuel.

Dogs are welcome. Dogs should be leashed on trail, as well as under voice command on fire roads, with leash easily available.

Be conscious of two essential animal-related items, though: 1) It’s tick country, so be mindful, as well as do a complete tick inspection when you get home. 2) mountain lions as well as rattlesnakes are sometimes found in the area, so if you have extremely little children, don’t let them roam as well far away from you.

Also, because there aren’t any type of restrooms or water fountains at the trailhead, you may want to take care of all that before you head on up.


Happy hiking! ?????

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