Nike Women’s half Marathon Race-Day fundamentals

Nike Women’s half Marathon Race-Day Essentials
Two much more days.

TWO much more DAYS! approximately 39 hours (give or take) up until I hit the ground running, literally, for the Nike Women’s half Marathon in San Francisco with team Neutrogena on Sunday.


I’ve been training for the past six weeks, as well as I’m really feeling truly great about this. By no implies am I a hardcore athlete, however I tried to do whatever I might to assist myself make it with race day.

That’s in stark contrast to the last time I ran a half marathon about 10 years ago, when I did whatever wrong. I was in tears when I crossed the surface line of that race since I was in so much pain (one word: chafing). Plus, I believe I was just psychologically unprepared for it.

This time, I feel ready! I was cautious not to overtrain, which is something else that bit me in the @ss last time. Plus, I added cross-training (pushups as well as Jillian Michaels DVDs) as well as ate the food I was expected to eat when I was expected to eat it. I likewise took my rest as well as healing days seriously.


Kissat ja meikkipaita?

42 dollaria

Osta nyt

Joten kyllä. I’m thrilled about Sunday, as well as not just since there will be San Francisco firemen in tuxedos handing out Tiffany pendants at the surface line.

I’ve likewise been preparing/vetting all of my race-day essentials, which, of program include charm products, since you understand I couldn’t go 13.1 miles without doing a bit something-something.

1) Neutrogena makeup cleaner Cleansing Towelettes, 2) Cle de Peau ideal Lash Mascara, 3) Tom Ford Brow Sculptor as well as 4) NARS Satin Lip Pencil in Yu
1. Neutrogena makeup cleaner Cleansing Towelettes

Also understood as “my improv shower.” I’m putting a couple of these in a plastic bag as well as bringing them with me so I can wipe off a few of the sweat instantly after the race. I’m likewise keeping a pack in the vehicle for the drive home, just in situation I still feel sticky. $8.99 for a recyclable situation with a pack of 25 towelettes. offered now at drugstores, Ulta as well as online.

2. Cle de Peau ideal Lash Mascara

UGH! — so expensive, however so, so good… If there’s any type of mascara that can deal with 13.1 miles as well as buckets of sweat, it’s this one. Waterproof, smudge-proof, budge-proof, as well as it delivers mad crazy length as well as separation. $50, as well as offered now at Neiman Marcus as well as

3. Tom Ford Brow Sculptor in Espresso

Technically, Tom Ford Brow Sculptor in Espresso is not a water resistant product, however it may also be. I’ve used it in 105-degree heat, as well as it didn’t move, so I expect it to endure the mileage. $44, offered now at Tom Ford counters as well as online.

4. NARS small Satin Lip Pencil in Yu

I may online to regret this…but life is short! So what the hell! I got it into my head to wear hot pink lipstick during the race since 1) it truly does make whatever better, as well as 2) since it matches my CW-X Bra.

Call me crazy.

NARS small Satin Lip Pencil in Yu is one of five lip pencils in the $49 NARS digital world set, coming November 1 to Sephora as well as

5) CW-X Bra, 6) Thorlo Socks, 7) Tri-berry Gu, 8) Roo sport as well as 9) TUNES!

5. CW-X X-TRA support Running Bra III

This bra has officially taken the title of finest Damn sports Bra I’ve ever used aside From the Athletica 50 Rep Bra by Lululemon.

I know… long title.

Halfway with my training, I established some seriously poor chafing around my rib cage, so I changed to utilizing the CW-X, which has flat seams to avoid chafing.

This bra? gift from the physical fitness gods. It’s expensive at $60, however it’s supernaturally soft, halts the chafing, holds the women in place, as well as it’s comfortable, even when my mileage hits double digits. $60, as well as offered now at

6. Thorlo Socks

Bomb-@ss padded running socks. Running in these is like jogging atop fluffy clouds… $14, as well as offered at sporting products stores as well as online.

7. Gu original sports Nutrition energy Gel in Tri Berry

Like gas for the tank, these are my trick weapons. I plan to bring four of them with me — one to eat 15 minutes before the race starts, as well as three to gulp down during the run, if I requirement them. $11 for a box of eight, offered now online.

8. The RooSport Magnetic Running Pocket

OMG. one of the numerous traumas I experienced during that other half marathon was because of using an ill-fitting running pouch, which bounced up as well as down on my hip the entire time as well as drove me ALL-CAPS CRAZY.

My running buddy @lassa on Instagram (follow her! She messages gorgeous pics of where she lives on Kauai) suggested RooSport.

It’s a slim pouch with a very strong magnetic flap that you can tuck into your waistband, so the pouch doesn’t bounce ympärillä. Ne ovat saatavilla eri kokoisina. Sain suuren, mikä pitää puhelimen, kolme näistä GU-geeliä, ota yhteyttä objektiivin tilanteeseen (ks. Numero 10) sekä yksi miniatyyri NARS YU. Siinä on myös vetoketjullinen tasku salaisuuksille sekä tunnukselle.

Voit asettaa sen missä tahansa vyötärönauhan ympärillä, mutta käytän sitä vain minun booty.

Pelin vaihtaja! Arvioin sen 10 kilometrin koulutuskäynnillä, samoin kuin se ei ollut ärsyttävää. 24,99 dollaria vedenpitävästä pussista, tarjotaan nyt verkossa.

Roo Sport toiminnassa
9. iPhone

Tundeille, tietenkin! Minulla on korkean tempo kahden tunnin soittolista.

10. VASELINE Ota yhteyttä linssitilanteeseen (ei kuvassa)

Juuri tilanteessa, jossa hankaus ongelma nousee hänen ruma-päänsä.


Nähdään pintalinjassa!

Ystävällinen yhteisön charmin addict,


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