5 things I’ve Been Loving Lately

1. Ladybug as well as Bumblebee trays by Rae Dunn

I discovered the cutest trays at HomeGoods! They’re these Rae Dunn rectangle trays, as well as each one has a hand-drawn picture of an insect with its own bit bio, like in a nineteenth century biologist’s field guide.

I’ve got Ladybug as well as Bumblebee. ???


I like that they’re equal parts cutesy as well as science-y at the exact same time.

Is that nerdy of me?

Plus, rectangle trays are so helpful around the house. I keep one in my kitchen area for components I utilize often, like olive oil, salt, pepper, that type of thing. I likewise keep one on a table in my living space that I put fashion jewelry as well as my glasses on, since I’m the type of person who will naturally set things down, like, anywhere… as well as then fail to remember about se.


Kissat ja meikkipaita?

42 dollaria

Osta nyt

When I assign locations for things, though, as well as I understand that, “OK, this is where I put my glasses, as well as this is where I put my rings,” it just makes my life easier, as well as these trays are excellent for that.

They’re likewise great in bathrooms, too. I have a tray by the sink for my view or my sound before I laundry my hands.

2. The Five-Minute Journal

I’ve been lovin’ on a lotta things lately, as well as I believe it’s partly since I’ve been doing The Five-Minute Journal every day.

I got this as a gift, as well as it’s so wonderful!

All you do is casually fill out the prompts, noting things you’re grateful for, things you believe would make your day great, things you’d like to work on, as well as things like that… I hope I’m not making it noise hard, since it completely isn’t. I truly look ahead to it now. I do five minutes in the morning after I get up as well as five much more minutes before bed (from in bed).

It’s expected to assist you prime your mind to ensure that you can focus much more on the positive side of things instead of the negative.

I’ve been doing it for practically two weeks, as well as I’ve really notice myself having a much better cattitude now. I truly do. It’s one of the very best gifts I’ve ever received.

3. The Marvelous Mrs. Masiel

This is what I binged last weekend. It’s on Amazon Prime Video, as well as — brace yourself — it’s from the creators of The Gilmore Girls!!!! Yes, it’s by Amy Sherman-Palladino as well as Daniel Palladino.

Se. On. Niin. Hyvä.

The primary character is Miriam “Midge” Maisel, a 1950s housewife from a well-to-do Jewish household in new York. When her marriage falls apart, she required to figure out what she’s going to finish with her life, as well as it may or may not include stand-up comedy. It’s witty, thoughtful, as well as it has that exact same fast, snappy dialogue like Gilmore Girls.

I don’t even understand if this is the method it truly was, however the makeup, the sets as well as the clothes make me desire everybody still dressed to nines just to run to the grocery store.

4. My great morning playlist

I’ve been bumping these tunes best after I get up, while I’m making the bed, washing my face, brushing my teeth as well as putting on lotion for the day.

They set a great tone for productive butt kicking.

The Rascals, It’s a lovely Morning

Natalie Cole, This will Be

Kylie Minogue, stop Me From Falling

Michael Jack as well as Justin Timeberlake, like never felt So Good

5. Bioluminescent Stamps

I utilized to gather stamps when I was a kid, as well as I still like purchasing stamps with special styles at the publish office.

I just got these yesterday — stamps of bioluminescent life!


There’s even a small holo impact when you look at them as well as relocation your head.


Before I go, the cutest thing occurred to me at the publish office yesterday. So, the one by my home is always crowded. There’s always a line, as well as the people are very grumpy. It’s typically at least a 20-minute wait, so when I go I like to just stand there as well as zone out. I even kinda look ahead to it like it’s my unwinding time.

Anyway, when El Hub got house from work yesterday, I left Connor with him as well as went to the publish office since I needed some stamps. While I was standing in line, there was a bit woman there with her parents. She was half Oriental like Connor as well as wanted to be two or three years old. She walked best as much as me, slowly looked me up as well as down, then slowly increased her arms, as if she desired me to pick her up.

It was the cutest thing in the whole broad world! Her mother as well as father were there, as well as they were like, “Are you great with this?” as well as I was like, “Oh, my gosh, yeah!”

I provided her a hug, as well as then she went on her merry way. It was one of the very best things that occurred to me this week.


Entä sinä? What have you been loving lately?

Your friencly yhteisön charmin addikti,


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