The urban Decay born to Run Eyeshadow palette

Born. To. Juosta.
Hello, born to Run! have we run into each other before…?

No, I think I’m just confusing you with another UD palette (Naked on the Run)…or maybe it’s because I’ve seen your same (or very similar) colors in other urban Decay palettes before.


Love me some neutrals…
Urban Decay born to Run Eyeshadow palette ($49, 21 shades, full-size mirror)

According to UD, 17 of the 21 eyeshadows in the born to Run palette are new, but I swear, the orange-y and reddish browns look like they teleported straight outta naked heat and the petite version.

I like the homegrown travel diary pics on the front!
And the metallic magenta, green and purple could’ve been pulled out of the Distortion or trouble maker palettes. The peach and golden look familar, too…like a few shades from Daydream.

It’s as if UD went fishing for shadows from their other recent palettes and baked them into a wearable “everything” palette — good for anyone, any time, any place.


Kissat ja meikkipaita?

42 dollaria

Osta nyt

The wear time on these rocks, BTW. Stranded, Weekender and Riff last at least 11 hours on top of eye primer, without fading, creasing or scooting around.
Makeup in my current corner of the world is normally pretty casual and conducive to writing at home, chasing Tabs around the house, running errands and taking Connor to toddler things, so I’m all about the shadows in top row, which are the most job/errand/everyday-friendly ones.

For the most part here at the headquarters of Tabs the cat industries LLC, the employees (haha, it’s just me) don’t like to wear makeup that looks too overdone (it’s a rare day when I don falsies or do dramatic liquid liner), so I like wearing matte beige Weekender with matte golden brown Riff in the crease, and shimmery pale rose gold Stranded on my lids with a teeny bit of satiny dark emerald Radio on my upper lash lines as a liner.

Don’t mind me… just smiling to myself on this bridge, la-la-laaaaa! ?

While I’m sure born to Run would be fab on longer trips, I can only vouch for it on trips to the library for story time, the gardening store (my dill plant has aphids, gah!), and to Tar-ghay to get tubs of baby kale.

It handles all of those errands with aplomb.

Also, I like that these shadows look the same in pics taken with a studio flash as they do in selfies taken outside — whichever way, they don’t look too heavy or too sparkly — and they don’t make my lids look covered in hella lines.

When you’re taking a selfie outside the library and trying to be all smooth about it…
Biggest pros: the shades are very pigmented, so I don’t have to apply layer upon layer to see the colors, and none of the colors so far (*knocks on wood*) irritate my sensitive eyes.

Biggest cons: they’re nearly too easy to blend… I know that sounds crazy, but they’re much easier to push around than other UD eyeshadows. Like, when I did my first pass at this palette, I actually wiped off that first attempt and started all over again because the shimmer went too high and too far out as I blended. I didn’t anticipate that.

No biggie…but it took a minute to get used to.

So, the grains will go wherever you want them to, but then they’ll go past that point, so I feel like I have to be extra careful with placement on my lids; otherwise, funny eyeshadow.

Urban Decay born to Run
Also, there is some fallout with these, but it’s not an epic amount. fallout with the mattes and satins is reasonable, but with the shinier metallics, you’ll probably need to clean up with a makeup wipe before putting on foundation.

I’ve been feeling like the colors in UD’s other palettes over the past months have leaned a lot more artsy/Instagrammy than practical, but this one seems practical. And, real talk…I love how the shadows don’t age my lids. I think if you’re shadow savvy and can manage blending a fairly complex look, you can have fun with this variety of colors and finishes.

That said, if you can’t blend for sh*t, well, this one’s gonna be tricky.

I’ve absolutely seen iterations of these colors in other UD palettes, so born to Run isn’t groundbreaking, but I think it’s a stunning overall, no doubt.

It’s worth a spin if you haven’t pulled the activate on another UD palette lately (like within the past couple years), and especially if you wear neutrals a lot, but also like wearing color every once in a while.


4/5 sydämet.

Ystävällinen naapuruston valittaa Addict,


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