The MAC women danger Taker combination

ought to you take a chance?
Hocus-pocus ?‍ Powersurge! Presto change-o ?? Honeylust! Alakazam Satin Taupe as well as Woodwinked, too!

By the Power of Grayskull, I have THE POWER. ?


If you understand this incantation (and I do!), you’re most likely a MAC gal or guy, as well as if you are, then it’s okay to freak out a bit (go ahead, I’ll wait), since MAC just dropped three new MAC women Palettes into the long-term line. They likewise restored the six they introduced last year.

So yeah, now you can get them whenever you want. They’re $39.50 each as well as offered on the internet as well as at “select” MAC stores, which is MAC code for “better phone call your regional counter to inspect first.”

This one is danger Taker, as well as it riffs on some MAC long-term colors I’ve liked for years. Like, Bossing It looks a bit like Woodwinked, Outfitted looks kinda like Honeylust, as well as Risky company is like the much more sparkly version of Satin Taupe. The whole thing talked to my spirit when I opened it for the very first time, so of program I immediately presumed I’d have a great time with it.


Kissat ja meikkipaita?

42 dollaria

Osta nyt

And I did… Mostly.

MAC danger Taker on my lids, metropolitan Decay fuel Lipgloss on my lips, as well as NARS Kingpin as well as Buzzed blush on my cheeks.
Yup, still a MAC NC42.

I used it for the very first time yesterday, as well as I’ll begin by stating that the shadows swatch beautifully. Se on varmaa. They’re ridiculously, shockingly soft, as well as I can’t believe exactly how quickly they scoot across my skin, however deal with the pans carefully, since an errant poke with a fingernail or clean is sure to cause a dent.

Nails: Chanel Verde Pastello
About the softness, though…it may be why I ran into some difficulty with this palette.

Well, perhaps not trouble. much more like hurdles? — as in a whole lot of small powder bits around the place, a.k.a. fallout. ? As I swept my eyeshadow brushes across the pans, this happened…

Kinda messy, right? That’ll end up around your deal with if you fail to remember to tap off your brush.

The shimmers are likewise truly shiny. They push the limits of what I’m comfortable using on my lids. You most likely couldn’t tell from across a room, however I feel like my lids look heavier as well as older when I wear them (although I acknowledge that I’m currently feeling a bit touchy about my fine lines).

I’m using totally free trip (a matte rosy mauve) in my crease, Bossing it (a warm bronze) as well as Dangerously stylish (a olive brown) on my lids, completely consumed (a matte beige) on my brow bone, as well as completely Fierce (a shimmery coral) in the inner corner.
For real, though, who’s gonna be THIS close to your eyeballs unless you’re making out with them? as well as in that case, they’ll most likely have their eyes closed.

Anyway, my point is that the shimmers are borderline frosty, which might be an issue…depending on exactly how you look at it.

So, I believed I’d autumn immediately in like with this combination since of the color combo, as well as I do like exactly how soft the shadows are, however I believe this will take a couple much more looks to make a final call. I certainly like the colors sufficient to do that.

Pretty great wear time too. When I inspected after I’d had it on for practically eight hours, it still looked fresh, so that’s a great thing. I just utilized it with the routine MAC Prep + Prime 24-Hour prolong Eye Base.


Ystävällinen yhteisön charmin addict,


P.S. TGIF!!!! pleased St. Patrick’s Day…Eve! ??? Is eco-friendly beer in your future this weekend?

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