The NARS eye-opening Act spring 2015 Collection: There’s Smoke in the Eye of This storm

From the new NARS eye-opening Act collection, I’m wearing the Matte velvet shadow Stick in Flibuste, the Eyeshadow palette in Yeux Irresistible, as well as the Illuminating multiple in St. Lucia, all offered now at Nordstrom stores as well as online.
Lo! What manner of marvelousness do I see before me? ‘Tis a smokey eye lover’s dream!

New from NARS, the new eye-opening Act spring collection is freakin’. Upea.


One of my new Year’s resolutions was to push myself out of my smokey eye comfort zone, however dayum, girl! — this launch is not making that easy.

With a focus on eyes…

Did you get that? “…a focus on eyes”? Ha! You know what they say — a poor pun a day keeps the dentist away.


Kissat ja meikkipaita?

42 dollaria

Osta nyt

Seven of eight pieces in the new NARS eye-opening Act collection
The eight-piece limited edition release is, for the time being, offered now exclusively at Nordstrom (as if I needed one more excuse to shop there!), however it likewise arrives at NARS boutiques as well as the NARS website March 15.

If the thought of waiting till two days before St. Patrick’s Day pains your makeup-loving heart as well as you want to jump on these products meow, here’s the gist: two powder eyeshadow palettes (one warm, one cool), a brand-spankin’ new line of creamy stick shadows with a velvety matte finish, as well as a new shade of Illuminating Multiple.

From the Yeux Irresistible Eyeshadow Palette, I’m wearing All about Eve (my brow bone as well as inner corner), Jezebel (lids), Brousse mixed with Coconut Grove (crease as well as lower lash line), Colombo (center of the kansi); I’m likewise wearing the velvet shadow Stick in Filibuste in the outer corners.
Yesterday I wore the $48 warm palette, cutely named Yeux Irresistible, as well as here’s a testament to how bomb NARS powder eyeshadows are: I was already wearing my foundation as well as concealer when I started the smokey feline eye portion of the look I’m wearing in these pics…

As you can tell, dark shades are in the house, like the warm brown in my crease, the shimmery sable/coppery red on my lid, as well as the dark black in the outer corner.

Forty-five minutes into the eye look, I realized something…

There was barely any type of fallout. Like, nearly none at all. as well as these are relatively intense colors — the kind that nearly always leave at least a little fallout under my eyes — however I barely had to do any type of cleanup at all, so two huge paws up to NARS for that.

NARS Eyeshadow palette in Yeux Irresistible ($48), aka “the warm palette”
NARS Eyeshadow palette in Inoubliable Coup D’Oeil ($48), aka “the awesome palette”
The two palettes in the release aren’t just gorgeous. They’re likewise simple to blend. Plus, they leave behind nearly zero fallout, which adds up to a NARS dream come true if you often have a difficult time figuring out which shades are warm as well as which shades are cool.

The collection likewise marks the launch of an interesting new line of matte cream shadow sticks. You can use the new velvet shadow Sticks ($28 each) in a variety of ways, including as a base on your lids, upon which you apply other shadows, or use them as straight-up eyeshadows, which is what I did in this look. I’m using Flibuste, the black shade, in a feline eye shape in the outer corners.

Velvet shadow Sticks clockwise from the far left in Reykjavick, Glenan, Flibuste as well as Nunavut ($28 each; four of five are shown)

I like, I like! After you put these on, you have a few minutes to play with them, as well as blend, as well as sloosh them around before they set, as well as once that happens, they don’t budge for the rest of the day.

They currently come in five fundamental shades (black, brown, gray, blue as well as purple) however by “basic” I don’t mean boring. I mean fundamental as in extremely wearable workhorse shades you can wear all time. If you like wearing smokey, smudgy eye looks as much as moi, you’ll love these.

Oh, I just remembered! — I likewise like these for lining my lash lines. What I do is load an angled brush by running it across the top of one of the sticks, then I use it to line my lash lines.

Very pretty for feline liner with a hazy, smoked-out edge.

Lastly, we have a new shade of Illuminating Multiple. Introducing St. Lucia ($39)…

Illuminating multiple in St. Lucia
Ya know, I have a complex relationship with shimmery NARS Multiples like St. Lucia. I love ’em for, like, real life, since they’re simple to apply, I can use my fingers to blend them, I can wear them on my eyes, lips as well as cheeks, as well as they have an effortless, dewy shimmer that isn’t too in yo’ face.

Buuut, in photos, I dunno. sometimes I feel like they invite my pores to the party, when I really didn’t want them invited at all…


St. Lucia doesettä. Super melko, varsinkin jos haluat pehmeän vaaleanpunaisen knock-around-värin kulumisen samalla, kun taas, potkiminen @ss sekä nimeä, tällaista asiaa. Kuitenkin palvelemaan kameran edessä, varo näille huokosille, MA.

Eyeshadow paletti Yeuxissa vastustamaton
Eyeshadow paletti INOUBLEBLE COUP D’OEIL
Vasemmalta Velvet Shadow Sticks Reykjavick, Glenan, Flibuste sekä Nunavut
Valaise useita St. Lucia
St. Lucia valaisee useita posket, samoin kuin St. Lucia päällä yksinkertaisella rakastaja huulikiilto huulillani

Kahdeksankymmentä narsin silmän avauslaki sisältää …

Velvet Shadow Stick Flibuste, Matte Musta, 28 dollaria
Velvet Shadow Stick Dark Angel, Matte Brown, 28 dollaria.
Velvet Shadow Stick Reykjavikissa, mattaharmaa, 28 dollaria
Velvet Shadow Stick Glenan, Matte Dark Blue, 28 dollaria
Velvet Shadow Stick Nunavutissa, matta violetti, 28 dollaria
Valaise useita St. Lucia, Sheer Shimmery Rose, 39 dollaria
Eyeshadow paletti Yeuxissa vastustamaton, 28 dollaria

Kaikki Eve, Flesh-Toned neutraali, jossa on hohtava

Jezebel, Shimmery Sable

Thunderball, Midnight Grey

Colombo, Vintage Gold Shimmer

Brousse, Sable

Coconut Grove, syvä ruskea

Eyeshadow paletti INOUBLEBLE COUP D’OEIL, 48 dollaria

Dalliance, Dusty Lilac Stone

Pyla, Smokey Hunter Green

Sidi bou sanoi, mustanen rypäle

Pandora, pelkkä valkoinen hohtaja

Luberon, iridescent hiekka ruusu kultainen kiilto

Pandora, matta musta

Julkaisu on rajoitettu painos sekä hetkellisesti tarjottu yksinomaan Nordstrom-myymälöissä sekä, mutta maaliskuussa 15 se myös estää NARS-putiikkeja sekä NARS-verkkosivustolla.

Ystävällinen naapuruston Nars Addict,


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