Saturday Surfing, November 17th, 2018

check THIS OUT. (Oh, and pleased Caturday, friend.) You know that I’m solidly #teamtraderjoes, but I was absolutely shocked — SHOCKED! — to discover a glaring absence in/around the subject of this introduction calendar I saw for sale.

They only have one for dogs.


Naturally, I expected to find one for the kitties as well, but I couldn’t, and believe me, Connor and I analyzed every shelf with a fine-toothed comb.

I can’t believe TJs would do us cat ladies like that! I really do hope they come to their senses and release a cat one soon…



Kissat ja meikkipaita?

42 dollaria

Osta nyt

Ironically, even if TJ’s did sell one for cats and I brought it home, how much you wanna bet Tabs would be much more interested in the packaging or the paper bag I brought it home in?

I still want to get him one though. #catladymoments

Now, on to this week’s reading…

Possible TMI moment: I get new pajamas for Connor Claire about every three months because that’s how long it takes her to grow out of them, but I haven’t gotten myself new pajamas because at least 2015.

On that note, according to hyper-enthusiastic reviewers on Amazon, these PJs are the cats meow.

Ballet shoes are finally available in tones for women of color, and all I have to say is HOORAY!

Could this be the workout-wear of the future? Nike has filed patents for self-cleaning shoes and a “smart” bodysuit capable of teaching you yoga.

If it isn’t too late to make a suggestion, I would choose a bodysuit that could actually do the yoga for me. Let’s see you make THAT happen, Nike.

And this is why Ryan Gosling is perfection: Homeboy needs makeup to make himself look BAD. LOL! I mean, I just roll out of bed and look terrible, but for RyGos, it takes a village.

This naturally occurring compound used in some perfumes can smell both floral and fecal. Freakier still? The poo scent is expected to make your fragrance smell better.

Um…wow and gross?

Here’s an short article on how to win over someone else’s cat, and all I have to say is good luck WITH THAT, because cats are well-documented @ssholes.

These two cats have been attempting to get into the same Japanese museum for two years, and the Internet is rooting for them. Obviously.

The ancient Egyptians were the most extra of cat people. case in point: this recently opened tomb, which revealed 100 gilded feline statues, along with dozens of mummified cats.

The newest on Japanese charm street style

Mielenkiintoista! —> The charm of Human Imperfection: Our defects show how our past shaped our present.

I don’t even know where to start with this trend of “DIY nose jobs.” people on Instagram (where else?) are now reshaping their noses using something called scar wax.

One hand, I think it promotes a negative view of certain nose shapes (Girl, if I had a dime for each time some stranger on the Internet said my nose was “too flat” or “too wide”). On the other hand, it’s pretty darned creative.

Something I’ve always wondered: ought to the bride pay for her bridesmaids’ hair and makeup?

In case you have $25K sitting around and you want a diamond-encrusted makeup brush.

I was touched by this story on the kindness of strangers, but I was also completely shocked. Do people actually get into automobiles with people they don’t know? (I imply other than taxis, buses, Lyft, Uber…)

This cat is my hero.

Booty-shaking goals

One of my favorite songs, and this rendition is all sorts of beautiful.


I hope you have a fantastic weekend, whatever you’re up to.

Ystävällinen naapuruston charmin addict,


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